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About the Show

VIP – Visionaries & Inspiring People™ is a glimpse into the lives of some fascinating real people, celebrities and non-celebrities, leaders, decision-makers, newsmakers and change-makers. Seasoned journalist and TV personality Linord Moudou sits down for a candid interview with various guests to discuss their lives, aspirations, achievements, work and special projects. They are men and women who have made or are making an impact in their communities, countries or in the world.

A biographical show, VIP with Linord is a unique platform to showcase the potentials and accomplishments of Africans in the Diaspora and on the continent, as well as the valuable contributions of friends of Africa who  actively work to move Africa forward. In addition, the show spotlights special reports and unique events.

Watch VIP with Linord as we take you around the world for some special gatherings. They include award ceremonies, conferences and symposiums, galas, annual meetings, fundraising, concerts, launches, and cultural events and celebrations. See where we have been and what’s coming up.

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