Ibrahim Governance Weekend

Ibrahim Governance Weekend
Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
5-7 April 2019

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) is pleased to announce its flagship annual event, the Ibrahim Governance Weekend (IGW), will be held from 5-7 April 2019, at the Sofitel Hôtel Ivoire in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

The IGW brings together a coalition of decision makers from across the continent and beyond, encouraging informed and frank discussion about leadership in Africa, while celebrating progress in governance.

The theme of the 2019 IGW will be the important subject of African migrations, featuring an African-led conversation about the challenges and opportunities it poses, and its relationship with youth, mobility and jobs.

Key moments at the 2019 IGW include the Ibrahim Leadership Ceremony, Ibrahim Forum, Now Generation Forum and Ibrahim concert. Further details on these events can be found below.

You can see highlights of the 2018 IGW in Kigali, Rwanda, here.

Ibrahim Leadership Ceremony

On Friday, 5 April, we will dedicate an evening to African leadership and explore challenges to governance during the Ibrahim Leadership Ceremony. This year’s ceremony will feature a celebration of the life of Kofi Annan.

Ibrahim Forum

On Saturday, 6 April, a high-level Forum will focus discussion around this year’s theme: African migrations. Migration, whether referring to economic migrants, or refugees and related issues, is often the subject of much political discussion and debate, especially outside the continent. The conversation is often fragmented or overlooks the real dynamics.

Published ahead of the IGW, the annual Forum Report compiles the most relevant and recent data and insights on the selected topic. With facts and figures on migrations, youth, mobility and jobs in Africa, the Report will provide an evidence-based picture on the reality on the continent and will present the African perspective on these topics, thus offering a different narrative. The Report will analyse the specificity of Africa’s context.

Now Generation Forum

Ahead of the Ibrahim Forum, and following its success in 2018, emerging African leaders and young professionals convene for the Now Generation Forum (NGF) on Friday, 5 April. The NGF seeks to gather youth perspectives around the theme of the Ibrahim Forum. Outcomes from these discussions will be actively shared at the Ibrahim Forum by selected representatives from the group.

Ibrahim Concert

The weekend will conclude on Sunday, 7 April, with a live music concert featuring various African artists, such as Fally Ipupa.

Guest Events

During the Ibrahim Governance Weekend, the Foundation will also welcome a number of global and African guest organisations. Various events will be hosted by the likes of the International Crisis Group (ICG); Open Government Partnership (OGP); The Africa Report (TAR debates); The B-Team; The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Residential School; and the EU/Africa High-Level Group. 

The 2019 IGW promises to be a memorable occasion and we look forward to welcoming you in Abidjan.

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